Web Data Management 2011

Web Data Management 2011

  • Potential course projects (include but not limited to the following list):
    • Data collecting: collect data on hotspots in social media without crawling all data; monitoring information flows without crawling all data.
    • Semantic annotation: identify semantic entities of location, time, person, events, enterprises in social media data.
    • Data analysis: mining for collective behavior analysis; efficient algorithms, toolkits, and systems for mining social media.
    • Feedback: intentionally publish and spread information in a social network.
  • Reading materials: pending
  • References (to be revised):
  • Schedule (slides can be downloaded here):
    • 2011.9.22: Orient Forum
    • 2011.9.29: Course introduction
    • 2011.10.8: Homework: Understanding social media data
    • 2011.10.13: Data
    • 2011.10.20: Guest lectures on computational advertisements
    • 2011.10.27: Project report 1: project proposal
    • 2011.11.3: Statistics and machine learning basics 1
    • 2011.11.10: Statistics and machine learning basics 2
    • 2011.11.17: Data management basics