Principles of Data Management 2015

Basic information


  1. Course overview (link)
  2. Basics of transaction processing (link)
    Background: Locks (link)
  3. Guest talks by Ming Gao, Peng Cai, and Aoying Zhou
  4. Correctness of page model (link)
  5. Guest talks by Stéphane Grumbach, Aurélien Faravelon, and Masaru Kitsuregawa
  6. Protocols of concurrency control (link)
  7. Multi-version concurrency control (link)
  8. OceanBase and developing a DBMS (Guest talks by Tao Zhu and Yanfei Zhang)
  9. Relational Databases, Logic, and Complexity (link from Phokion G. Kolaitis University of California, Santa Cruz)
  10. Implementations of concurrency control (link)
  11. Transaction recovery basics (link)
    Final report requirements (link)
  12. Transaction processing in OceanBase (Guest talk by Huan Zhou)
  13. Measurements of transaction processing (Tutorial notes from 1999 Transaction Processing Concepts and Techniques on TPC and Reliability, and Michael J. Carey’s keynotes at TPCTC 2012)
  14. Transaction processing in a distributed environment (Paul Krzyzanowski’s lecture notes on Distributed Transactions and Consensus)
  15. Distributed transaction continues
  16. More on transaction processing
  17. Jan. 14, 2015, final exam. (Math. Building, W113) and deadline for final report (hard-copy and e-version to:

Candidate final report topics (continuously updating)