Management and analysis of social media data

management and analysis of social media data (masom)

Social media data collecting

We are continuously collecting data from Sina Weibo (a Chinese micro-blogging service). Part of the data is shared in WISE 2012 Challenge (description).

Modeling social media data

  • Haixin Ma, Weining Qian, Fan Xia, Xiaofeng He, Jun Xu, and Aoying Zhou.
    Towards Modeling Popularity of Microblogs. (draft)
    Frontiers of Computer Science, 7(2), 2013 (doi: 10.1007/s11704-013-3901-9)

Social media data mining for collective behavior analysis

A talk at KDD 2012 in Asia-Pacific Track:

Slides of a related talk is here.

A demonstration for online collective behavior analysis based on Sina Weibo data is here.

Analytical query processing of social media data

We are working on benchmarking online analytical query processing of social media data. A preliminary report will be reported on GRADES 2013 (SIGMOD 2013 Workshop):

  • Haixin Ma, Weining Qian, Fan Xia, Jinxian Wei, Chengcheng Yu, and Aoying Zhou.
    On Benchmarking Online Social Media Analytical Queries.
    To appear in GRADES 2013 (SIGMOD 2013 Workshop)

Duplicates and social spams in social media

  • Qunyan Zhang, Haixin Ma, Weining Qian, and Aoying Zhou.
    Duplicate Detection for Identifying Social Spam in Microblogs. (draft)
    To appear in IEEE BigData Congress 2013