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Professor at Institute of Massive Computing, Software Engineering Institute, East China Normal University.

A demonstration for online collective behavior analysis

We have developed a demonstration system for interactive analysis of online collective behavior. The demonstration is based on about 200 hot spots in Sina Weibo from year 2009 to 2013. You may analyze the popularity, info. diffusion, mood of users, … Continue reading

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A follow-up page on WISE 2012 Challenge

I’ve created a page on follow-up information on WISE 2012 Challenge, which includes information on the testing data for T2, links to updated documents (with some errors corrected), and a link to a summary report slides. Any comments are welcome!

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Social media data management and analysis reading list

(To Be Revised) Basics Eytan Bakshy, Jake M. Hofman, Winter A. Mason, Duncan J. Watts. Everyone’s an influencer: quantifying influence on twitter. WSDM 2011 (influence, model) Haewoon Kwak, Changhyun Lee, Hosung Park, Sue B. Moon. What is Twitter, a social … Continue reading

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Database benchmark links and references

The Benchmark Handbook, 1993: The 007 Benchmark: XMark: An XML Benchmark Project: Technical report (The link to cwi ftp is broken):;jsessionid=DE0F0347F2E488764462297811D18449?doi= XBench: A Family of Benchmarks for XML DBMSs: TPC series: Sort Benchmark:

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About me

I am currently the Dean and a Professor at School of Data Science and Engineering (DaSE), East China Normal University. I was a Lecturer at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Fudan University, from 2004 to 2006. I got my Ph.D. … Continue reading

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On review final reports of courses

1.  input: D 2.  output: score 3.  begin 4.    A:=random_pick_a_sentence(D); 5.    B:=random_pick_another_sentence(D); 6.    if ((Ac:=is_copy_wo_ack(A)) && (Bc:=is_copy_wo_ack(B))) score:=60; 7.    // based on search engine 8.    else if ((Ac && !Bc) || (!Ac && Bc)) score:=75; … Continue reading

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