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Social media data management and analysis reading list

(To Be Revised) Basics Eytan Bakshy, Jake M. Hofman, Winter A. Mason, Duncan J. Watts. Everyone’s an influencer: quantifying influence on twitter. WSDM 2011 (influence, model) Haewoon Kwak, Changhyun Lee, Hosung Park, Sue B. Moon. What is Twitter, a social … Continue reading

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Database benchmark links and references

The Benchmark Handbook, 1993: The 007 Benchmark: XMark: An XML Benchmark Project: Technical report (The link to cwi ftp is broken):;jsessionid=DE0F0347F2E488764462297811D18449?doi= XBench: A Family of Benchmarks for XML DBMSs: TPC series: Sort Benchmark:

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